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Mara Yacobi, LSW


Women: You wake up everyday and feel stressed, anxious or lonely but it’s so overwhelming you are unsure how to manage such discomfort. Then there is the daily grind of working, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and caring for your children. It never ends. When you finally find a quiet moment, instead of embracing the calm or exercising the way you did in the past, you find yourself scrolling and comparing your life to others on social media.  Nobody else in your life really knows what you are experiencing or how anxious you feel because you are the one who has to keep it all together for your family, your kids or your partner. You feel like you have lost the energy and joy you felt before having a family. Although you are surrounded by lots of people, you can’t shake feeling lonely and overwhelmed.  If you find yourself saying, this is me, I am here to listen. I can help you find peace, gain back some control and live with more balance.  

Young adults: Maybe you are someone who is looking for the perfect match. There is lingering pressure from your parents, society and yourself because you have always felt by now you would have found love. The more time passes, the more uncertain you feel about the people you meet, and frustrated that finding someone has required so much effort. It’s just down right exhausting. I can support you. I have years of experience talking to young people about relationships, commitment, and how to create healthy boundaries. I am passionate about helping others find what they are seeking in their quest for an authentic and healthy love life. 

Teens: And then there are your teenagers! DYundRst& w@ I’m sAyn? You feel as if you and your teen are speaking a different language. Growing up is hard, and raising a teenager in today’s tech world is even more challenging. You feel like no matter how much you try to help your teenager, it’s just not working; they simply need more support. Drawing on my skills as a Social Worker, Prevention Educator and Sexuality Educator, I help empower the teens I work with to gain the knowledge and skills critical for maintaining their social, emotional and physical health. 

I’m Mara Yacobi, a licensed Social Worker, wife and mother to 4 children. My super-power is to help individuals, teens and couples navigate the challenging times in life. I give my clients a safe space to share their innermost thoughts and feelings without judgement. Together we will work towards helping you connect parts of your past to understand how it impacts your life today. We will explore how to identify your emotions, what’s in and out of your control and how to calm anxious thoughts so you can find the path to make meaningful changes. In time, my clients experience an ability to gain a healthy and balanced perspective on how to feel more in control, calm and at peace with their mind and body.
I am a graduate of New York University Silver School of Social Work. For the first 20 years of my career, I taught sexuality education and held clinical roles at mental health clinics, drug prevention agencies and as a school social worker.  I have also lived in Israel, working on the front lines to secure medical assistance for migrant workers at Physicians for Human Rights. From each of these experiences, I have cultivated a passion and expertise to provide a strength-based and person-centered approach in collaboration with my clients. Most recently, I completed a 12 month Couple’s Institute training which integrates Attachment Theory, Differentiation Theory and Neuroscience to support all types of couples.
My areas of expertise include: depression, anxiety, stress, sexual and intimacy challenges, body image, low self-esteem, parenting concerns, pregnancy loss and infertility counseling, relationship issues, and personal growth.

Life can be exhausting.

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