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“After almost 3 years of being in therapy, the way I am today is forever changed because of my weekly sessions. Therapy transformed my life and got me through tough times. Anxiety used to control my life...I would go to class at college and be unable to stay in the classroom without fleeing in panic and without an explanation to the professor. It felt like I set myself up to be a failure. I recently graduated college and believe that without my therapist, I wouldn’t have received that bachelors diploma! If I could only tell the 18 year old version of myself that the email I sent 3 years ago would turn into this...I would tell her it was the best decision I ever made!”

—21 year old female, Mahwah, NJ



“I've known my therapist at Healing Connections for over 10 years. I was "stuck" for such a long time, but when I realized I finally have a therapist who views me as an individual separate from my diagnosis, that's what really helped me start my own healing journey in finding myself. Any challenge or accomplishment I experience, no matter how big or small, I never have to feel judged talking about it in therapy. I'm always treated in a way that my own life journey is just as meaningful as anyone else's is. I've had many life challenges over the past 10 years, and my Healing Connections therapist has always been there supporting me through every step along the way. I know I definitely wouldn't have come this far without that support”.

—J.Z., 25 year old female, Franklin Lakes, NJ


“I have been seeing my therapist at Healing Connections for almost 4 years. This was the first therapist I had seen in my adult life and my main reason for seeking help was to help manage my anxiety that I have suffered from since childhood. My therapist has been able to help me recognize the patterns of my anxiety attacks as well as identify my triggers which allows me to feel more in control when I am flooded with anxious thoughts. Although I have understood that there is little logic to anxiety, my therapist has helped me make sense of what might be causing my concerns which allows me to overcome them. My progress so far has been tremendous. When I started at Healing Connections my anxiety was debilitating to the point that I could not make it through the day without an attack nor enjoy my social life. Now, when I feel my anxiety start to take over I am able to take a step back and use the tools my therapist has given me to keep those thoughts at bay. I understand that anxiety will continue to be part of my life, but with the guidance of my therapist I have learned not only how to live with it but how to conquer it.”

—I.S., 28 year old female, Hoboken, NJ


“My daughter's therapist is an amazing therapist who continues to help my 13 year old navigate through all of the uncertainty that comes with the teen years. My daughter felt a connection to her therapist after their very first session together. She leaves her appointments feeling “calm and centered”. Through their work, my daughter is beginning to understand and process her feelings and emotions, advocate for herself and embrace change. Her therapist is trustworthy, reliable and compassionate. In addition to the guidance she offers my daughter, she manages to reassure a concerned mother and puts me at ease. Our family is deeply grateful that we found our therapist and for her commitment to helping our daughter!”

—Mother of 13 year old girl, Paramus, NJ

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