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Green Plant

You've been considering therapy for awhile now,
so w
hy choose Healing Connections
for your therapy journey?

We work with clients with a wide range of life challenges
including, but not limited, to

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Young Adults

We work at helping you figure out this 'Adulting' thing! Do you remember wishing you were a grown up and now trying to figure out how to go back and take that wish back?! 

Do you wonder how you (or they) will survive the teen years?!

We GET it.

We can help you and your teen survive these challenging teen years.

Women often carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. You are taking care of kids, partners, aging parents, jobs, houses! You often put yourself last, you are tired, and overwhelmed. 

You sometimes find yourself feeling down, unhappy, unfulfilled and you can't quite put your finger on why you feel this way. You wonder why you are doing this same behavior again, why do I keep ending up in relationships like this, will I ever be happy? These thoughts and feelings leave you feeling stuck in the past, anxious about the future, down and anxious. Thoughts swirl in your mind repetitively, often keeping you awake at night, sometimes they even turn to panic attacks. You wonder how you got here. You didn't plan for life to be this way, and you just don't know where to turn to make anything different.

The good news is that therapy is a great way to begin to look at what is beneath the surface of why you do the things you do and what brought you to this version of yourself. Through therapy, you can form a healthy relationship with one of our therapists in which we will come to a deeper understanding of your story, how you got here, and how you can become the best version of yourself. During this journey, we will explore the patterns you have formed in relationships in your life, gain insight into what drives your emotions, come to a greater understanding of who you are, and aid you in gaining better control over your life. You will feel more aware, empowered, and feel more confident to make decisions that will lead you to your personal goals and overall well-being. You will experience relief of your symptoms, increase your feelings of self-worth, and live a happier and more emotionally healthy life. It is our belief that life can be challenging enough as it is, so we encourage you to not walk it alone.  This is where yours and our story begins, as we walk alongside you in this therapy journey.


Stop putting this off.  If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that time goes fast and life is precious and too short. We all have a story, call 201-749-1750 and let’s sort through yours together so you can start feeling relief and stop suffering.

We all have our stuff.

Call 201-749-1750

and let’s sort through yours together. 

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